Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of solutions for geothermal, hydrogen storage, and carbon capturing and storage sector of clean energy. Our mission at GPS is to transfer knowledge as well as deliver the technological solutions to our clients while consulting on projects. We work in close cooperation with our clients’ teams to ensure that the deliverables meet the scope of work in a timely fashion.

We start our project with an ice-breaker session where the clients becomes familiar with our working culture and share the project inputs to the dedicated members. Then, we ensure that our team works in close coordination with the clients and share the outcomes regularly.

We maintain a transparent and open-learning environment for our clients where the results and study methodologies are frequently discussed. We love to endeavour for challenging projects in which innovation and problem-solving skills are at play. Our experienced and creative professionals are dedicated to ensure the successful execution for our clients. We deploys several technologies and maintain highest standard of deleverables with objectives:

  • Work closely with the clients to ensure the expected outcomes.
  • Goal to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • Quality is the utmost priority.

We Provide Services for:

Geothermal Energy:

We care for clean energy as we do for fossil energy.

We pay special attention to the optimized development of geothermal resources by development in hydrothermal and enhanced geothermal systems. These energy sectors are fast-growing markets and have been recognized to be at the forefront of the future renewable energy technologies. The upcoming opportunities will require a skilled and knowledgable workforce who can work with the future technologies. Keeping this in mind, we provide resources and opportunities to our clients to develop the future workforce and increase their capabilities in geothermal sectors. Also, we deploy several technologies (from experimental to numerical investigations) for research and development in this sector for our clients.

Carbon Capturing and Sequestration:

Greenhouse gas reduction is the key to address the climate change.

Long-term underground CO2 storage is a viable and effective response to growing concerns about climate change due to increased greenhouse gas emission. The key to the effective injection and storage of CO2 into the subsurface formations, including depleted oil and gas reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery, is a detailed characterization of the formation properties, in-situ stresses, natural fractures network, seal capacity of cap rock, and formation pressure, in addition to monitoring system to avoid the safety issues. We endeavour to provide best-suited solutions in these areas at GreenPath Systems.

Hydrogen Energy:

Hydrogen Fuel will be the future of energy sector.

Underground Hydrogen Storage is a new area of technology which is targeted to optimize the supply chain of hydrogen as the source of clean energy. We have been developing our expertize in this area for past few years. The hydrogen storage technolgy is still in the nascent stage, however, our research and development activities have made possible for us to deliver the simulation as well as experimental study requirements of the clients.

Rare Earth Minerals:

Rare earth minerals are curcial for energy future of the world.

Critical materials are used in many products important to the economy. There are several mineral commodities identified as critical materials by US Deparment of Energy. It has assessed material criticality based on importance to a range of energy technologies and the potential for supply chain disruption. To address such issues, we conduct research and development (R&D) for rare earth minerals. We endevour for improving the productivity, competitiveness, and energy efficiency. The R&D efforts are focused on Reduce lifecycle energy and resource by leveraging diverse domestic energy resources and materials, while strengthening environmental stewardship.

ML in Subsurface Engineering, CCUS, and Geothermal:

Machine Learning steeps the development curve of Green Energy.

The digital footprint is shaping the energy industry and the growth of renewables will squarely depend on the implementation of exponential technology. It can unleash its power from optimization to identification of issues and operational parameters. Our team is developing tools and techniques that will be game-changer and hasten the realization of technologies.